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GlossPix Print Custom Sizes

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GlossPix Print Custom Sizes

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The image is first printed in the highest available quality with pigment inks on fine art paper. The photograph is mounted on aluminium plate and the last step is adding one or two codes of the GlossPix liquid which deepens the visual impact of the image and seals it into like a hard glass cover that includes a UV protector. This will further enhance the lifetime of the image without color fading for at least 150 years.

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GlossPix often referred to as Liquid Gloss is a spectacular new method for fine art finishing:

  • Deepens and sharpens the image 
  • Becomes more vivid bringing out the best from the colors 
  • More alive than traditional Diasec or Canvas prints 
  • The images moves towards a 3D effect 
  • Shows up as a very high quality gallery presentation 
  • Hard material that is resistant to scratches 
  • Exhibits from galleries can be sold because of less damage 
  • A new layer can be added should damage have occurred 
  • UV protector that enhances the lifetime of the image 
  • The presentation is unique enhancing the art value